2017 Children's Christmas Musical


2017 Back to the MangerChristmas Children’s Musical 2017 is coming soon! Please join us on an exciting adventure as we journey to the past. Children will get to sing, dance and tell a story about Christ’s love for us and learn how to share that love in response. The musical “Back to the Manger” is now open for registration for ages 4 to grade 6. Please download the permission slip below and turn into Melody Lai (or email joemelai [at] yahoo.com). The musical will be performed on Saturday, December 2nd at 7:00pm. We’d love to see you there!

2017年兒童聖誕音樂劇即將來到!孩子們會用歌聲、舞蹈、和故事來表達基督的愛及如何分享這一份愛。這音樂劇“Back to the Manger”現在開始接受報名,從4歲到六年級的孩子都可以參加。請下載底下報名表,填寫完後交給Melody Lai (或電郵joemelai [at] yahoo.com)。音樂劇將于12月2日(週六)演出,請預留時間觀賞。


Information for parents (letter, schedule, serving opportunities)
Permission slip