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全職牧師 (特美谷主恩堂) Full-Time Pastor (Temecula Valley Campus)


誠聘一位全職牧師,來帶領本堂會。應徵者應有神賦予的特質,符合提摩太前書3章上的要求,並且有全職牧養的呼召。畢業於立案的神學院,俱有道學碩士 (M. Div),或是類似的神學教育。俱有5年以上的牧養或教會領導方面的事奉經驗。並且曾在多元文化,多語言的會眾中事奉的經驗。我們尋求一位有活力,有牧養心智的牧師來帶領、教導群羊並帶領同工,栽培、訓練門徒,在這個活潑有力的社區中共同建立一座健全成長的教會。應徵者需用流利的中文(普通話)來講道與教導,並且英文溝通能力順暢。
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聯絡人:李維滋執事 電話:517-349-9586

Chinese Bible Church Temecula Valley Campus (CBCTVC) is seeking a Mandarin-speaking pastor to lead our congregation. We are a branch of Chinese Bible Church of San Diego (CBCSD), an evangelical, non-denominational Chinese church. The candidate should be one of Godly character, fitting the qualifications of overseer as described in I Timothy 3, and who has a calling to full-time pastoral ministry. The applicant should be a graduate of an accredited evangelical seminary Masters of Divinity or equivalent seminary education, with five or more years of pastoral or ministry leadership experience in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual congregation. We are seeking an energetic and compassionate pastor who is able to shepherd the flock, train disciples and lead coworkers to continue to build a healthy, growing church in this new vibrant community. The candidate should be able to effectively teach in Mandarin and also be conversant with English.
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Contact: Robert Lee Phone: 517-349-9586