A particular invitation for 2014 CMC West Coast






Dear coworker in Christ,

Were you there for 2011 Chinese Mission Convention? That was a joyful and unforgettable journey in Lord. God lead His servants to serve for children from many churches. We had almost 100 coworkers served together in the children program for the 4 days convention. I personally experienced His trustworthy. Still remember the kids, coworkers, unnamed volunteers, even all the setup, touching stories....songs....many and many.... Time flies. The upcoming 2014 CMC West Coast will be held in San Diego again by the end of December. The Children Program core team has been working for the past year and we gave thanks to His provision and guidance alongside the planning process. This year, we will use the resort facilities alone so that we expect more children to join the children program, may be 400 and more. It needs spiritual courage to commit again to catch up His plan for 2014 CMC. Especially for the Children program team, we need to rely more on Him and stretch out more for this challenge. We give our thankfulness to our Lord for His grace, so that many 2011 coworkers are committed to serve again for 2014.

How about you? Will you serve as the small group teacher for Elementary Program or Preschool Program? We also need many coworkers to serve for the Nursery Program too.

May our wonderful Lord keep leading His workers to form His team for 2014 children program. Praise the Lord.

Pastor Eva Huang
CMC Children Program Coordinator
Church 858-675-8777 ext. 111 /email:Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它

UNLEASHED To do immeasurably more

Seven Session Themes

We are HIStory --Reconnect to God’s Everlasting Love

We are HIS Kids --Unleash from self-centered life to know oneself and others from God’s eye

We are HIS Church --Meaningful connection within church body

We are the World—Reach out to World Mission

We are Prayer Warriors—A house of prayer for all nations toward God’s Kingdom

We are Messengers—Gain the heart for Mission to be a mission-minded kid

We are Kids on Mission—Make History for His Mission


2014/12/31 night to 2015/1/3 night at Town and Country Resort, San Diego (500 Hotel Circle N)

Two Elementary Programs

Primary Program for K- 2nd grade/Junior Program for 3rd-5th grade

Elementary Small Group Teacher

  1. Responsible for 10 children
  2. Set up, decorate and in charge for one’s home base station
  3. Greet children at the home base table and keep attendance folder
  4. Engage children in “Mingle Time”(pre-session activities)
  5. Lead Small Group Activities (20 minutes each) during small group rotation
  6. Lead and supervise the children group in & out during the Exhibition Passport time
  7. By the end of each session, stay with kids for closure and prayer while waiting for sign out
  8. Responsible to lead their 10 children through the emergency exit plan in case of an emergency

One Preschool Program/One Nursery Program

Please enjoy free hotel lodging/meal/afternoon Chinese/English Adult workshops with us

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